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or, email me a screenshot of your donation of $10 or more to AISES, OR a native charity of your choice!

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A non-profit collaborative art zine. A "zine" is a small-scale, self-published magazine. In this context, it serves as an art book.12 native artists have contributed various art of varying mediums and styles. I have compiled all of the artwork and biographies they donated into a .PDF and a digital folder containing high resolution files for your viewing pleasure.This is a personal project and is not directly affiliated with any organization.


The native art community is diverse, captivating, and extremely underrated. I wanted to use my platform to spotlight just a small portion of what you can find out there. I am really proud to have collaborated with everyone involved! I hope people who purchase the zine not only find new artists to admire but are encouraged to support more native artwork in general.


The finished zine .PDF is being released over my personal digital storefront on Ko-Fi. All proceeds (not including what % Ko-Fi takes) will be donated directly to AISES, a non-profit focused on increasing Indigenous representation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) fields, at the end of each month after it's release.By purchasing the zine, you will recieve the .PDF and crisp, glossy high-resolution image files to enjoy for as long as you'd like. In the spirit of the zine, we ask you DO NOT share or use any artwork without direct permission from the artists.

"Evening Star"?

Pawnee oral tradition tells of the stars, deities of each cardinal direction. The Evening Star (Known to westerners as the planet Venus) is mother to the first human girl.

Will there be more volumes?

I'd like to only if there's enough support! If you'd be interested in additional volumes as an artist or buyer please send me feedback! Send an ask on tumblr, or email me at [email protected]


this is for archival purposes and hasnt been updated for awhile
( month / day / year )
dates are subject to change as the project progresses.

project stagestart dateend date
official announcement7/19/22 
interest gauge7/21/227/26/22
contributor applications7/30/228/30/22
contributor application results9/5/22 
official contribution start9/10/22 
first check in9/30/22 
second check in10/20/22 
third check in11/20/22 
contribution deadline12/10/22 
zine production6/23/23 (whoops, that took awhile)7/?/23
zine sale launchtba 

project organizer



im jules! i am a trans gay pawnee indian & self-taught digital art hobbyist. i have loved drawing as long for as i can remember.i have contributed to two zines previously, this is my first time organizing one myself! i am very excited to share my project with everyone.

featured artists

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the travois dog

Gender: Girl she/her
Species: Puppy dog
Birthday: September 8th

Asaakis ("dog") is a young Pawnee dog that loves to draw and play. She works pulling supplies from place to place. Her favorite hobbies are painting and hiking.

Tribes across the Americas had their own respective dog "breeds" prior to European contact, of which many were working animals rather than companions. On the great plains, dogs were an important work animals, often used to pull travois carrying anything from food to housing.


this is for archival purposes and hasnt been updated for awhile
please read this entire page before applying

THEME - culture

we are asking artists to create a piece representing their personal relationship to their culture(s). non-native cultures can be interwoven with your piece, but native culture must be the focus. this can be depicted as literally or abstractly as the artist desires.

general contributor requirements:

  • be native!* those reconnecting with their culture are welcomed.

  • be at least 18 years of age, or older.

  • acknowledge they will be working on a volunteer basis with no compensation.

  • have and actively maintain a discord account as to properly communicate with the organizer and fellow contributors.

  • be civil, communicative, and maintain a semi-professional atmosphere.

  • contributors may be of any skill level, we are looking for a wide variety of art styles and skill levels.

we do not tolerate bigotry of any kind. those who perpetuate any kind of intolerance will not be allowed. our organizer and many of our contributors will end up being lgbt+, mixed race, or disabled and they will be treated with respect and kindness.

* — we ask that you be genuine in representing your tribal affiliation(s). we arent asking for any proof, but if you are found to be lying about being native you will be blacklisted and outed to the wider community.

page artist expectations:

page artist application form
if you are looking to contribute as a merch artist, mark it on this form. keep in mind you will be expected to do an art page as well as merch design(s).

  • provide a portfolio of at minimum 3 art pieces.

  • provide at least one art piece that is less than a year old.

  • consider submitting a piece that will reflect the style of your contributed work, though its not necessary.

  • consider submitting a piece that is relevant to your culture, though its not necessary.

  • [if applying as merch artist] previous merch experience is not required, though it is considered.

artists will be allotted two pages, one dedicated to the artwork, and the other dedicated to a description of the piece and an optional biography. the finished work will be 8.3" x 11.7".those contributing merch will only contribute designs, merch production and distribution will be handled by zine staff.

author expectations:

author application form

  • provide a portfolio of at least 3 creative writings.

  • provide at least one creative writing piece that is of the genre you will be contributing.

  • provide at least one creative writing piece that is less than a year old.

  • consider submitting a piece that is relevant to your culture, though its not necessary.

writers will be allotted two pages, where you may write up to 800 words with no lower limit. a portion or the entirety of your second page will be dedicated to your artist credit with optional description of your writing and biography.

regarding non-conventional artists...

those hoping to contribute photography, sculpture, beading, music, comics, or other art forms, please fill out this form and expect to be contacted for a short personal interview. you can review the other two forms to get an idea of what questions you will be asked.

cover artist expectations:

cover artist application form

  • provide a portfolio of at minimum 3 art pieces

  • provide at least one art piece that is less than a year old

  • consider submitting a piece that will reflect the style of your contributed work, though its not necessary.

  • consider submitting at least one example of graphic design, such as text integrated into artwork, though its not necessary.

  • consider submitting a piece that is relevant to your culture, though its not necessary.

the cover artist will be asked to create the front and back cover of the zine, they do not have to be cohesive with each other. each finished piece will be 8.3" x 11.7". you will be expected write the title and subtitle of the zine in a legible font or word art. you will have an additional page before the back cover to describe your piece(s) and optionally provide a short biography.the artwork can, but does not have to depict our mascot, so if you'd like to draw her this is a good opportunity!

as there will only be one cover artist considering submitting a page artist application in the case you arent picked as a cover artist but would still like to contribute to the zine.

general contribution guidelines:

what can i depict?


  • artistic nudity or suggestive themes

  • mild or heavily-stylized blood and/or violence

  • political iconography such as the flags or seals (within reason)

not okay:

  • explicit sexual content / "NSFW"

  • heavy violence or gore

  • any commercial content. this includes any fandoms of which the focus is existing copyrighted media. (artists will be allowed to advertise social medias and businesses in their respective biographies.)

  • contributors will be asked not to post, display, or otherwise share their contributions or work in progress contributions until the official zine release. previews can be posted with explicit permission.

  • contributors retain full rights to their finished piece(s), and may reproduce or sell said artwork in anyway they see fit! (after the zine is finished, of course)

  • view our schedule for a breakdown of our proposed timeline, expect to be working in a 4 month time frame. contributors can be given extensions on a case by case basis, maximum of 1 month, if necessary.

racism (anti-native or otherwise), misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, and other oppressive themes can be explored through a critical or satirical lens, otherwise do not promote hurtful or offensive content.